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Sponsor Magazine evolved through several web, print and audio projects, all of which remain available.

We will use this page to announce updates and new projects.

Print projects are available in hardcopy through our Print-On-Demand partners.

And proceeds above the costs of production will go to retired the debt created by the previous project.

The Print Projects

'Print Projects' indicate items intended as free downloads and also available as hardcopy through print-on-demand partners.

[download] [hardcopy]
This is an anthology of articles on recovery written from 1944 to 2010 by more than thirty authors. It is divided into sections for Newcomers, Working the Steps, Spirituality, Carrying the Message and a Classroom model for teaching 12-Step History and related topics. The downloads can be had in the full volume, individual articles or by the section of interest. The hardcopy is currently available through lulu.com, and a new edition will be released on Amazon.com. – read more

SPONSOR MAGAZINE [download] [hardcopy]
Three issues to date, available as PDF downloads and in printed form thru MagCloud.com. – read more

SIMPLE DIRECTIONS [download] [hardcopy]
A guide to the Fourth Step process. Materials are also included in the RECOVERY READER. Drawn from the 1959 One Way Group guide and many contemporary sources. Download for standard letter sized printout. Print version, if preferred. – read more

[download] [hardcopy]
The first attempt to create a new document. This draws from the statement - "action is the magic word". The document details in individual actions required to 'work' the steps. Intended for use by a sponsor with someone who is trying to Work the steps. – read more

Audio Projects

Podcasts are like radio programs intended to be downloaded to your computer or MP3 player, and heard as is convenient.

The first of the series, featuring key people from AA history - in their own words, in their own voices. We are lucky enough to live in an age where we can still listen directly to our founders and the friends of AA who made our way available.  (27 individual podcasts).  – read more


Fifty speaker meetings for your use when you can't get out to one of your regular meetings, or while traveling. Some of the most popular 'circuit speakers' are included in this series. – read more

The most recent series of podcasts with a great deal of shared experience, strength and hope to give the new or established sponsor fresh tools to assist the one he or she sponsors through the process. – read more

Links and Downloads

Links to other web sites.Downloads in PDF and MP3 formats.

Free downloads from Archive.org

- From RECOVERY READER and the three issues of Sponsor Magazine.

- The three issues of Sponsor Magazine in PDF.


All available in MP3 format

- Anonymous Review

- Virtual Speaker Meeting

- Sponsorship Podcast

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